Alt names: One Night with the Tycoon, シャンパンは恋の媚薬,
Author: Lee Wilkinson
Artist: Kuroda Kasumi
Genre: Romance Drama
Demographic: Josei

Rebecca really is unfortunate. At first her fiancé gets stolen by her stepsister and then she even has to attend the wedding of those two. At the wedding tycoon Graydon Gallagher approaches and comforts her. The next morning she wakes up next to him and is not so sure what might have happened the evening before...

After that Gray proposes to take her on a business trip with him and Jessica agrees, thinking it might be the starting point to a new life... plus Gray assures her that it will only be those two weeks and after that it will simply be just a memory, nothing more.

Chapter list

Name Published date
Chapter 5 2011/07/21 Read
Chapter 4 2011/07/21 Read
Chapter 3 2011/07/21 Read
Chapter 2 2011/07/21 Read
Chapter 1 2011/07/21 Read
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